Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harada Yuri - Asu wo Shinjite

Asu wo Shinjite by Harada Yuri who is part of the Kitajima Family.
Harada Yuri is one of the more popular Enka singers out there currently. She is the original singer of the hit Natsumero song Kisoji no Onna.
Recently I bought this CD so that I could here the whole song. Well I think that the side B song was much better. Asu wo Shinjite is a very nice song. BUt the side B song Onna ga Hitori is one of my favorites. If you are really into the Enka Genera then I would suggest this song because it was on the top 3 singles for this month, with Kagami Goro's Omae wo Hanasani as number one and Onna Sasurai by Otsuki Miyako as number 3. Asu wo Shinjite by Harada Yuri places as number 2 on the top 3 enka Karaoke charts. So please support. Onegaishimasu

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